medical animation, illustration & interactive


High-end 3d medical & scientific animations


Elegant & stunning medical illustrations & printed communications


Intuitive & engaging interaction designs

Animation • Video

We create dynamic feature-film quality 3D medical animations, motion designs and videos. Using the finest talent that spans the creative and healthcare industries, we achieve scientific accuracy with visual perfection.

- Animation for websites

- Exhibition touchscreens

- Website profiling

- iPad / laptop presentations

- Product microsites & websites

- KOL videos & presentations

- Smart phone apps

- Patient Education videos

- Webcasts

- Patient case studies videos

- Social media engagements

- Blu-Ray & DVD Brochures

- Sales kits / sales aids

- E-learning modules

Illustration • Print designs

We produce high-end 3D medical illustrations for the use in visual communication, publication, trade show and event needs. From medical to commercial illustrations, our visual designs serve as a showpiece in effectively communicating product message and awareness.

- Product brochures & leaflets

- Backdrop at conferences

- Banners & Posters

- On-line media images

- Tradeshow panel displays

- Educational visual aids

- Center piece for events

- Corporate Artwork

- Magazine publications & other print ad campaigns


To fully maximise all digital media assets, we develop & design an intuitive and engaging interactive content to compliment your 3D animation and illustrations. Our interactive designs further enhance brand and product engagements and experiences.

- Mobile Apps / Tablet / Web

- Virtual Reality (VR)

- Augmented Reality

- Interactive based-learning / Gamification

- Content for interactive video displays

- Multi / Single Touchscreens

- Stereoscopic 3D technology

For stereoscopic medical animation requirements, we use the very latest Stereoscopic 3D technology for pharmaceutical trade shows and events. We produce 3D films using one of the following techniques: Passive polarized or Anaglyph.

Tradeshows • Presentations

Our extensive experience in digital content media and innovative thinking delivers beautiful and craftful designs to healthcare tradeshows and exhibitions. From 3D booth designs to interaction content displays, our designs are custom-made to suit all your presentation needs and requirements.

Breakdown of Services

- 3D Modelling & Animation

- 3D Stereoscopic Animation

- Banners & Posters

- Storyboarding

- Illustration & Print

- Scriptwriting

- Music & Sound Effects

- Professional Voiceover Recording

- Post Production

- Video Editing

- Applications for mobile & tablet

- Blu-Ray & DVD production & design

- Custom presentations

- Interactive designs

Experience travelling into the human body with incredible beauty and style with 3D medical animation.

Witness how a new drug or device interacts with the body on an organ and cellular level, and discover the journey that takes place from product administration to site delivery.

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