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Liver Cancer | Medical Animation


This 3D animation is created for BTG’s interventional oncology drug called DC Bead®. It explains how chemoembolization (also called transartertial chemoembolization or TACE) is used in the treatment of Primary liver cancer or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with the use of drug-eluting beads.

Our brief was to develop a modern and stylish vision of Biocompatibles' DC bead product animation. We achieved this and through effective storytelling showcased the mechanism-of-action (MoA) of DC Bead® -- how the drug is administered to patients via a minimally invasive procedure and how it effectively embolizes the tumor in the liver. The use of motion graphics aid in highlighting the clinical findings and evidence-based research data from scientific experts, and compliments the messaging of the MoA.

“Many thanks for all your work on this video. We are very happy with how it has come out!”

- BTG Plc | Biocompatibles, London, UK

What is Liver Cancer

¹Liver cancer is the growth and spread of unhealthy cells in the liver. ²The two types of cancerous tumors that can occur in the liver are: Primary liver cancer is cancer that originates in the liver and Secondary liver cancer, which is cancer that has spread (metastasized) to the liver from other organs, such as the colon or pancreas.

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