Polygon Medical Animation — The high-end mode of action 3D medical animation, illustration, augmented & virtual reality, and interactive production company for medical & scientific healthcare communications worldwide.

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Working with and providing solutions for various pharma, biotech & medical device industries, as well as medical marketing and healthcare communications globally, for all scientific visualization, MOA animation, and interactive digital production needs.

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Polygon Medical & Scientific Animation
Experienced Digital Creatives

Our more than 30+ years combined experience brings together a high level of expertise and skills in creating and producing award-winning and successful scientific work for medical and healthcare companies and organizations of all sizes.

Polygon Medical & Scientific Animation
Scientific Production Studio

Whether agency, commercial, broadcast or direct to pharma production work, our 3D studio delivers world-class scientific expertise, the best and highest creative standards in all digital healthcare communications campaigns.

Experience travelling into the human body with incredible beauty and style with our 3D medical animation videos, virtual and augmented reality, and interactive media solutions.

Witness how a new drug or device interacts with the body on an organ and cellular level, and discover the journey that takes place from product administration to site delivery.

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