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immersive journey of a drug-delivery system of embolic beads.

We developed this 3D animation for an FDA-approved drug for the embolization of hypervascularised tumors and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). This excerpt from the video showcases the injection procedure of the LC Bead® embolization beads, how they interact with and prevent the flow of blood cells from feeding the tumor. This in turn leads to tumor necrosis.

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    BTG International Group

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    LC Bead®

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    website & KOL animations
    publication images

We used the video at a brand new account who have never done procedures with our product before...showed it to both IR & IR staff prior to the procedure, they found it very informative & helpful in their catheter selection. It is a great tool for us to use & we are really pleased that we have a visual material to share with other accounts...This enabled us to promote the product in an even more professional manner.

BTG International Group | PENNSYLVANIA, USA


What is Chemoembolization

1Chemoembolization or transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) is used in the treatment of hypervascularized malignant tumours. TACE therapy combines chemotherapy drugs with embolization.

TACE therapy combines chemotherapy drugs with embolization. TACE is administered to patients via a catheter which is usually introduced through the femoral artery and guided to the hepatic artery within the liver.

The primary aim of this procedure is to embolize the tumour i.e. to reduce or cut off its blood supply, thus controlling its growth and spread.

reference: 1btg-im.com

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