Bispecific Antibody
medical animation

modern and stylised scientific animation showcasing
the proprietary science of a new bispecific antibody.

We began the visual story by showing the evolution of existing monoclonal antibodies over time through chimeric, humanized and then to fully human. We later introduced the latest and innovative type of bispecific technologies that may possibly treat immunologic and inflammatory disorders. We achieved an animation that is in keeping with the client's committment to innovate and to develop new medicines in treating diseases in the fields of immunology, rheumatology, dermatology & gastroenterology.

  • Client


  • Deliverables

    3D animation
    high-resolution illustrations

This is amazing! We love the videos you made for us. Please tell your team that we are all really pleased with the animation, specifically the linkers changing length.


bispecific monoclonal antibody

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