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Atherosclerosis | Medical Animation


This medical animation shows an angioplasty procedure with the use of balloon and stent. This medical device is used to widen the narrowed artery due to atherosclerotic plaque build-up within the artery.

What is atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis (ASVD) is the condition in which an artery wall thickens as the result of a build-up of fatty materials such as cholesterol. It is a syndrome affecting arterial blood vessels, a chronic inflammatory response in the walls of arteries, in large part due to the accumulation of macrophage white blood cells and promoted by low-density lipoproteins (plasma proteins that carry cholesterol and triglycerides) without adequate removal of fats and cholesterol from the macrophages by functional high density lipoproteins. It is caused by the formation of multiple plaques within the arteries. Read related article.

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